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UC Recruit

Guidelines for the Application of SB 1162 and AB 168

COVID-19 Interview Protocols ‐ Guidance for conducting recruitment interviews via teleconference

UC Recruit Job board and online application system for open academic positions at UCSB.

UC Recruit Training Users can test recruitment configurations and features within the UC Recruit Training site.

For UC Recruit-related inquiries, please contact or (805) 893-2495

Access requests to the system are handled through this form:

UC Recruit User's GuideThe UC Recruit User's Guide is now located on UCI's site to ensure the most up-to-date information. Please keep in mind that there are features included on the User's Guide that are not available on the UCSB version of UC Recruit.

UC Recruit Search Plan Billboard Project - Billboard provides a new streamlined way to prepare search plans. View materials for the Billboard Project under "Other" on our Training Materials page.

UC Recruit Request Changes ‐ Overview Instructions for requesting changes through the system.

UC Recruit Saving Workspacesdocumentation created by the programmers of UC Recruit at UCI and discusses saving and naming workspaces.

UC Recruit Portfolio allows applicants to create and maintain a single account for multiple applications.

Senate Faculty Recruitment in UC Recruit An overview of the entire Senate Faculty recruitment and hiring process, from the authorization to search for a position to the formal offer to the finalist. This chart is intended to be a guideline. Variations in the process may occur; departments are encouraged to consult as appropriate.

Using Statements of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence in Senate searches

  • Before Creating a Recruitment analysts are encouraged to work with Search Chairs/Committees/Principal Investigators to ensure recruitments are configured in accordance with expectations.
    • (Senate searches) Ensure that a position has been authorized for recruitment. Verify the FTE identifier and the authorized search area.
    • (Non‐Senate searches) Ensure that a position is available and verify funding availability and parameters.
    • Remain consistent in practices and approach throughout the recruitment process. What you (as a department) are willing to do for one applicant, you must be willing to do for all.
      • For example, if one interview candidate is given a lab facility tour or is asked to make a presentation, the same should be done for all interview candidates.
    • Remember that the entire recruitment-to-appointment process will take time. Build in adequate lead time to allow for the required Approval steps at each stage of the recruitment.
      • For example, when processing a Search Report, plan for an appointment start date set of at least several days to weeks out from the time of initial submission to allow for the Search Report approval process, and to allow time for the separate operation of processing the appointment request.
    • Arrange for an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity & Diversity Search Committee Briefing with the Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Prevention (EODP) Office, for all Search Committee Members, PIs and Staff involved in the recruitment process. The Briefing is intended to provide Search Committee Members and Support Staff with tools, procedures, and best practices to address the University’s responsibilities under Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity regulations and guidelines, as well as to ensure the best candidate is selected via a thoughtful, defensible, and well documented process. Scheduling may be coordinated with Tiffany Rhodes at or at extension 2701.
    • Pay attention to Document and Reference requirements; several settings lock down and cannot be changed after a recruitment receives applicants. Configure requirements carefully in accordance with what the Search Committee will need to review from applicants in order to follow a fair and equitable evaluation and selection process.
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