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Search Waivers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find information about Search Waiver policy?

Red Binder VII‐1 discusses Search Waiver categories for Senate and Non‐Senate titles.

Source: (AP)

I see an "Other" search waiver category in UC Recruit. We have an individual who is uniquely qualified for the position we are trying to fill. Is this a situation appropriate to use with the "Other" category?

No, there is no valid "Other" category. The argument that someone is uniquely qualified for a position no longer is acceptable per OFCCP guidelines. If someone has unique qualifications, the employer is asked to demonstrate this fact by conducting an open recruitment.

Source: (AP)

If a Search Waiver needs to be extended for exactly the same position/same duties/same department, does the department need to process it through UC Recruit again?

Not usually. Contact your AP office analyst for assistance.

Source: (AP)