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Search Waivers: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find information about Search Waiver policy?

Red Binder VII‐1 discusses Search Waiver categories for Senate and Non‐Senate titles.

Also see the EVC's document Search Waiver and Recruitment Guidelines available under UC Recruit Resources > Search Waivers. Available here:

Source: (AP)

We want to make two offers out of a Senate search which had only one FTE authorized. Is this requested via a search waiver?

This not a search waiver but rather a request to make a second offer. Please see the Search Waiver and Recruitment Guidelines (EVC document)

Source: (AP)

I see an "Other" search waiver category in UC Recruit. We have an individual who is uniquely qualified for the position we are trying to fill. Is this a situation appropriate to use with the "Other" category?

No, there is no valid "Other" category. The argument that someone is uniquely qualified for a position no longer is acceptable per OFCCP guidelines. If someone has unique qualifications, the employer is asked to demonstrate this fact by conducting an open recruitment.

Source: (AP)

If a Search Waiver needs to be extended for exactly the same position/same duties/same department, does the department need to process it through UC Recruit again?

Not usually. Contact your AP office analyst for assistance.

Source: (AP)

Our candidate is currently employed at another UC campus. Do we put "yes" or "no" in response to the question: "Is the candidate currently employed by the University?"

The "Current UC employee?" field is intended to capture whether the person is an employee at our campus (UCSB). Answer "No" and in the Department Justification, explain the candidate's current employment.

Source: (AP)