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Academic Personnel Certificate Program

The Academic Personnel Certificate Program consists of eight classes:

  • Introduction to Academic Personnel
  • Academic Recruitments
  • Senate Faculty Appointments and Advancements
  • Research Appointments
  • Teaching Appointments
  • Student Titles
  • Academic Leaves
  • Additional Compensation

To earn a certificate, all classes must be completed within a two-year period. Introduction to Academic Personnel is a prerequisite for all other classes for individuals working towards the certificate.

Introduction to Academic Personnel: This class will provide an overview of all academic titles, processes and policies. Ladder faculty as well as temporary teaching and research titles will be discussed. Other topics will include academic terminology, appropriate use of the various academic titles, salary administration and the review process. This class is a prerequisite for all other classes for individuals who wish to obtain a certificate.

Academic Recruitments: The first step in hiring an academic employee is the recruitment process. This class will cover all aspects of academic recruitment including: how to conduct a search, UCRecruit, search waivers, policies and procedures, and best practices.

Senate Faculty Appointments and Advancements:
Day 1: What can be done to make the recruitment and appointment process go smoothly and quickly and assure the successful hire of new faculty? This class will cover the entire hiring process for ladder faculty. Topics to be covered include general information about Senate faculty titles, preparation of an appointment case, how to determine starting salaries, and start-up requests.

Day 2: Once a new faculty member is hired, what needs to be done to assure their successful advancement up the ladder, and what is the role of the departmental staff in this process? Eligibility, preparation of an advancement case, and the advancement process are just a few of the topics to be covered in this class.

Research Appointments: This class provides in-depth information on academic personnel policies and procedures related to academic research titles including Researchers, Project Scientists, Specialists and Postdoctoral Scholars. Topics covered include: preparation of appointment, merit and promotion cases, reappointments and modifications, and best practices.

Teaching Appointments: This class will cover temporary teaching titles, including, Lecturers, Adjunct Professors, and Visiting Professors. Learn how to determine which title is the appropriate one to use, how to request an appointment, and what other considerations should be made when bringing someone to campus to teach on a temporary basis. Benefits, the Memorandum of Understanding for represented titles, and the review process will also be discussed

Student Titles: An important part of the graduate student experience is training in both research and teaching. This class will cover student academic employment in titles including Graduate Student Researcher, Teaching Assistant, Associate and Reader. Find out how to assure appropriate and timely appointments for graduate student academic employees.

Academic Leaves: Academic employees are eligible for a variety of types of leaves, covered by a wide range of policies and procedures. This class will cover leaves including sabbatical, medical leaves, research leaves, active-service-modified-duty, and personal leaves. Resources and best practices will also be discussed.

Additional Compensation: Additional Compensation is any compensation paid to an academic appointee by the University in excess of their full-time salary. The policies concerning payment of additional compensation vary greatly depending on the type of payment. This course will cover policies, procedures and best practices for a wide range of types of additional compensation. This course is intended for those unfamiliar with additional compensation or those pursuing the certificate.

Once you complete your final course in the Academic Personnel Certificate program, email to request your certificate. In your request, please include:

  • Your preferred display name for the printed Certificate
  • Your name as it appears in the UCSB Directory
  • Your preferred delivery method (pickup from the AP Office or send through campus mail - please include mail code)